Why do you charge shipping?

We understand why you might wonder why we charge shipping, when so many other eCommerce sites don't. Since we're a small local business, we don't have the deep pockets like large companies do. By paying for shipping, you're supporting those of us who can't quite afford that cost, YET. Don't worry, we'll get there some day.

Why do you only have 5 boxes?

We have 5 boxes currently because we are a local business just like the ones we carry items from.  We'd LOVE to have more options for you, but in order to do so we need to grow. Help me help you by buying boxes for all of your friends and then we will create more options!

Can I customize my gift?

We prefer that you don't but we aren't inhumane!  Let's chat and maybe we can come up with a solution.  We are people just like you and a conversation is always helpful.

What happens if something is broken in my box?

We will gladly mail out a replacement of that same item for free. Of course, we'd like proof of purchase and a quick photo of the broken piece emailed to info@shopembox.com

Can I return the gift box?

We have two thoughts on this. If it was supposed to be a gift, you have bad friends if they want to return it. Secondly, they are going to love it.

What if I have an allergic reaction to something in the box?

Please stop using it immediately and we will refund you the amount of that item.


Please email us at info@shopembox.com for any other questions or inquiries!