Tea & Honey Box

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What you see above is exactly what you'll find in your box.  All Cincinnati made and designed pieces from artists, makers and neighbors just like you.

Bigfoot Black Tea by Wendigo Tea Co. - This is a pure black tea whose leaves are naturally sweet. A shy yet powerful beast, with a musk full of fruits, nuts, and trees.

8oz. Wildflower Honey by Gaiser Bee Co. - Ever had RAW honey, straight from the hive? It's mother nature's most natural, most delectable candy. Local honey is proven to help fight and prevent local allergies if you get honey within 50 miles of where you live. It also contains antioxidants and pollen allergens which are incredibly beneficial to your health and immune system! It's delicious AND helpful!

And of course a personalized card with the cover designed by LetterBree!